Experimenting your way to a new job with Cynthia Jaggi ’00 (Google Hangout on 10/23 at 1pm)

Cynthia Jaggi ’00, Founder of GatherWell, will be co-hosting a public Google Hangout on Wednesday, October 23, at 1 p.m. All are welcome to observe or participate. Here are the details:

Experiment your way to a new job: Small steps you can take to explore and secure a new opportunity
Wednesday, October 23rd at 1pm EST

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Cynthia Jaggi ’00

At some point in our careers, many of us hit a wall: we burnout, lose passion, or simply outgrow our jobs. Yet while we might want to quit and find something new, we know it isn’t that easy. We have to manage pressing responsibilities, or worry about not finding something new and struggle with the fear of starting over.

The truth is finding a new gig doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor.

In this live Q & A, Cynthia Jaggi, Founder of GatherWell, the think and do tank for Practical Idealists, and Millie Burns, Deputy Chief of Programs for Catholic Charities of the East Bay, will explore common signs that it’s time to move on, offer advice on how to find a new job when you can’t quit the one you have, and take your questions. Instead of focusing on what you’d like to leave behind, we’ll talk about small things you can do each day to bring you closer to your next great opportunity.

Want to join?

The Q & A will take place via a Google Hangout on Air. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Watch: Anyone can view the conversation by returning to this page.
  • Submit a question: Ask a question in the comments section or tweet with #NewJobChat and we might answer it during our live Q & A.
  • Join the hangout: If you want to ask your questions on-air, make a note in the comments. We will invite a few participants to join us live. You’ll need a strong internet connection, mic and camera, and a Google account