2013-2014 Advisory Board Members, Peer Advisors, and Grant Judges: Thank You!

Just a quick note of thanks to the following alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends who donated their time and expertise to the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship in 2013-2014. Your involvement has made our programs stronger, and we look forward to continued collaboration!

Advisory Board
Phoebe Boyer ’89
Carl Byers ’93
Sharon Belden Castonguay
Marcus Chung ’98
Lara Galinsky ’96
Joyce Jacobsen
Ellen Jewett ’81 P’17
Bob Miller P’02 P’99
Kennedy Odede ’12
Robert Patricelli ’61 P’90 P’88
Muzzy Rosenblatt ’87
Ilene Rosenthal ’74 P’17
Rob Rosenthal
Sarah Williams ’88

Peer Advisors
Jason Brandner ’16
Alex Cantrell ’14
Val Demuynck ’16
Alicia Gansley ’15
Marina King ’16
Brent Packer ’15
Maeve Russell ’14
Yekaterina Sapozhnina ’16
Ted Shabecoff ’16
Tanaya Srini ’15
Ariane Turley ’15

Grant Judges
Phoebe Boyer ’89
Ali Chaudhry ’12
Tim Devane ’09
Lexy Funk ’91
Amir Alexander Hasson ’98
Rachel Hines ’82 P’18
Makaela Kingsley ’98
Rob Rosenthal
Maeve Russell ’14
Marc Schleifer ’95
Sarah Williams ’88
Meredith Lobel ’01
David Jay ’04