Student Forums for Innovators: Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship

TeaserStudent forums aren’t about earning “easy credit.” Rather, they provide a unique space for exploring topics too non-traditional or practical for the college curriculum, as well as for developing new skills and collaborating with peers across class years and disciplines. Of the many compelling student-led courses offered this semester, two in particular aim to provide essential training and perspective for anyone interested in social change and entrepreneurship:

Innovation through Design Thinking with Mia Deng ’17, Shirley Fang ’18, and Mika Reyes ’17
Alumni have consistently asked our office whether Wesleyan students are being exposed to human-centered design or “design thinking,” a problem-solving methodology that emphasizes context, empathy, and continuous ideation and prototyping. In this student forum, students will learn the main concepts in design thinking and work in teams to apply the process to a range of social issues. Applications are due January 17.

Out of Theory, Into Practice: Entrepreneurship Studies 101 with Katya Sapozhnina ’16 and Dylan Niehoff ’15
This course examines various conceptions of what it means to be an entrepreneur and equips students with practical skills, such as pitching and networking. Newcomers to entrepreneurship are welcome to apply. (After all, you don’t need to be a business founder or “startup person” to be entrepreneurial – to recognize opportunities, to innovate, and to take risks!) This is an excellent gateway to the Wesleyan Entrepreneurship Society and a means of improving your leadership in other in groups. 
Applications are due January 21.