Hispanic/Latino Cultures and Sustainability

From Debra Row, Ph.D., President of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development:

The Hispanic/Latino cultures will continue to grow in influence in the United States and have the potential to help build a more sustainable future. We at the Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium, in collaboration with HACU — the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities — are interested in exploring opinions and perspectives from people involved with sustainability who are Hispanic/Latino and could discuss with us the connections between their traditional cultures and sustainability values.  If you are interested in sharing your perspectives, learning more and possibly helping to design a national initiative on the empowerment of Latinos to help create a sustainable future, or know someone that might be interested, please email me directly (dgrowe@oaklandcc.edu).   We have already had one exploratory conversation and are excited about the possibilities, but now want to include more people in this initial exploration for a second conference call.