Volunteer Opportunity: Celebrating Diversity and Teaching Acceptance with Julia’s Star

julia-s-star-resizedThe Julia‘s Star program brings Wesleyan students into contact with Middletown fifth graders, and through the interaction seeks to create a safe space for positive dialogue about identity, prejudice and stereotypes. Through the book Julia‘s Star¬†and the discussion, we hope the students will understand the impact of stereotypes, both on a micro and a macro level. We hope they will learn how to share their identities and how to ask one another questions carefully and thoughtfully.

We are looking for student facilitators to join our program! The commitment is only for April and early May and includes a three hour training session, and then approximately 2-3 hours per week for the rest of the semester. The majority of that time will be spent facilitating classroom sessions. If you are interested in getting involved in this dialogue and/or want more information about the time commitment , please contact coordinator Sivan Battat sbattat@wesleyan.edu as soon as possible.