Leaders Wanted: Apply to be an OCS Student Coordinator!

Update: We have extended the deadline for several coordinator positions until Friday, April 24. Check the updated list below!

Several of the student coordinators in the Office of Community Service will be graduating this May, and while we’re very sad to see them go, it’s exciting to welcome new leaders into the fold! If you’re an organized and innovative team player who would like experience in community engagement and volunteer management, apply today to serve as an OCS coordinator during the 2015-2016 school year.

Over 750 students participate in OCS programs each year, and our coordinators are key to supporting a culture of engagement at Wesleyan. Our 21 student-led programs touch innumerable lives, and we rely on the ingenuity and reliability of coordinators to lead highly effective programs rooted in community-identified needs.

In addition to strengthening community partnerships, recruiting and training volunteers, and otherwise improving their programs, coordinators are expected to attend semesterly trainings, monthly meetings, and weekly office hours.

Contact OCS Coordinator Diana Martinez and individual program coordinators with any questions. To apply, fill out the application on OrgSync. This is a paid position that also provides mentorship and professional development.

The following groups are hiring at least one coordinator:

Individual Tutoring
Contact: Diondre Davis (dsdavis@wesleyan.edu)

Language Bank
Contact: Neha Shafique (nshafique@wesleyan.edu)

Wesleyan Alliance for Generational Exchange (WesAGE)
Contacts: elderly@wesleyan.edu, Sheri Reichelson (sreichelson@wesleyan.edu), Matthew Lynch (malynch@wesleyan.edu), Rachel Earnhardt (rearnhardt@wesleyan.edu), and Gabe Borelli (gborelli@wesleyan.edu)

Hunger & Homelessness
Contacts: Evan Bieder (ebieder@wesleyan.edu), Fred Ayres (fayres@wesleyan.edu)

North End Mentors
Contact: Kenny On (kon@wesleyan.edu)