Nonprofit Board Residency Program

Nearly every nonprofit has a board of directors — that is, a group of elected or appointed volunteers who help govern and guide an organization.

Through internships and volunteer work, Wesleyan students gain experience with programs and services run by nonprofits, but it isn’t often that undergraduates get to work with closely with boards of directors, despite the significance of the boards’ work to their respective organizations.

Through the Center for Community Partnerships, Wesleyan students will soon gain special insight into the inner workings of local nonprofits as a part of the new Nonprofit Board Residency Program!

After being paired with an area nonprofit, each student will attend board meetings, actively participate in a committee of the board, and complete a project identified by the organization.  Participants will also meet three times a semester on campus with the Director of the Center for Community Partnerships for group discussions on the nonprofit sector, Boards of Directors, reflections on their experiences, and more.  Students will receive .25 credits per semester for this commitment and must be willing to commit to the entire academic year.

Read more about this pilot program here. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are welcome to apply. Applications are due on Tuesday, May 12.