Green Street is looking for class proposals!

The Green Street Teaching and Learning Center is looking for class proposals for children in grades 1-5 in music, visual art, culture, languages, dance, movement, nutrition, media, other arts disciplines, environment, science, and math. We are particularly interested in classes that integrate art, math, and science in a fun, hands-on way that children may not be exposed to during their traditional school day experience. 

These classes for elementary-age children meet once per week and are one hour-long (4:15-5:15p.m., Monday-Friday).  Interested Wesleyan students should not have a class of their own on campus that ends at 4:10p.m. on the same day as their AfterSchool class proposal, as this would not allow the Wes students’ timely arrival to the AfterSchool program.  Teachers of AfterSchool classes are not required be work-study students, and they are encouraged to teach in teams. 

The deadline for the submission of a class proposal via our on-line survey is Sunday, 11/6.