Patricelli Center Fellowship and Jewett Center Board Residency 2018/2019

Applications are now open for two exciting courses that provide a deep dive into the realm of social impact and social entrepreneurship work. Check out the slide decks to learn more, stop by drop-in hours, and fill out an application by 11:59 pm on April 13. Applicants will be notified by 9:00 am on April 18th.



The Patricelli Center Fellowship (CSPL264 and CSPL265) is a year-long, project-based learning opportunity for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and changemakers. They are seeking highly-dedicated students who wish to take a deep dive into social impact work. Some students enroll with a specific venture in mind, while others designed a project or join a team after the course begins. Contact Makaela Kingsley with any questions.

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The Jewett Center Board Residency Program (CSPL280 and CSPL281) provides an opportunity for Wes students to learn about the nonprofit sector while serving as non-voting members of a local board of directors. In addition to a weekly lecture on campus, students attend board meetings, actively participate in board committees, and complete board-level projects. Contact Clifton Watson with any questions.

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Drop-in Hours – Allbritton 318

Monday, April 2 – 10:00-4:00

Tuesday, April 3 – 10:00-11:30, 3:00-5:00

Wednesday, April 4 – 10:00-4:00

Thursday, April 5 – 10:00-11:30, 3:00-5:00

Friday, April 6 – 10:00-4:00