CSPL 266: Youth, Power, and Social Change

Laura McCargar, President of Perrin Family Foundation

.5 Credit Course:  Wednesdays, 2:50-4:10pm (Allbritton Room #304)

*Course Title and Description:

Youth, Power and Social Change

While young people have been at the helm of movements for social and racial justice throughout history, the 1990s saw the rise of youth organizing as an intentional strategy for transforming youth, communities, and the broader social and political structures and institutions that shape their lives. This course will examine the evolution of youth organizing and the ways in which it has disrupted the dominant narratives and traditional methods of youth learning and engagement at play in schools and  youth service organizations. The course will explore the politics of power and identity in youth work, and the role and impact of current youth-led social change movements – from #blacklivesmatter to the work of Dreamers – in today‚Äôs political climate. Please note that this course will require students to reflect on and contextualize readings and class discussion with their own lived experience and is therefore especially relevant for students that are engaged in community service, organizing and/or youth work.  

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