Hello from the JCCP Engage 2020 Intern!

My name is Douglas Kiman. I am a fourth year PhD candidate in ethnomusicology (Music department), originally from Paris, and I have been involved with the Jewett Center for Community Partnerships as the new Engage 2020 Intern since September 2020. Besides my activities as a doctoral student, I have been engaged in the Wesleyan student community as a member of the Music Department’s concert committee and I have been elected as a member of the Education Policy Committee and as a representative of the GSA (Graduate Student Assembly). Due to the ongoing pandemic, I will be on campus only once a week, on Mondays, working at the Olin music library. This internship will be an opportunity for me to reinforce the engagement of graduate students in the life of the campus, and to actively contribute to fostering dialogue between Wesleyan and community partnerships. My primary task will be to help implement the JCCP’s E2020 initiative, but my responsibilities will extend to many other facets of social activism and community-building, and to participate in achieving the ambitions and objectives of the JCCP for this challenging academic year.