PCSE Seed Grants in Action: Report #2 from Infinitely

Each year, the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship awards $5,000 seed grants to fund the launch or early-stage growth of a project, program, or venture

Infinitely is a sustainable clothing brand that seeks to take down the world of fast fashion. Founders Nimra Karamat ’23 and Ashley Cardenas ’23 create high-quality versatile pieces so their customers can truly invest in their clothing. Below is the second of their three reports.

Who We Are: 

Infinitely is a sustainable fashion brand that seeks to take down the world of fast fashion. We offer affordable and high-quality clothing so that our customers can truly invest in their clothing. As two young women of color, we felt that sustainable fashion was either not accessible enough or falsely marketed as eco-friendly. Infinitely is here to change the game. We’ve implanted a lot of new changes and made immense progress so that we can meet all of our initial goals. 

Updated Logo: 

We decided to change our logo for various reasons. One is that it wasn’t simplistic enough to be easily recognizable (like big brands like Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s, etc.). The other large reason was that it would’ve been difficult to fit our logo onto our clothing tags. 

Our Website: 

We are using Shopify as our website domain because it offers an intuitive web layout, assistance with shipping labels, and accepting payments. Our new website (featured below) https://infinitelyco.com/ is preparing to launch our first product and is ready to accept orders for our first launch of the Aurora Blouse. On our site, we also detail our sustainability efforts in order to remain transparent with our customers. Once orders are being accepted we hope to add feedback from our customers in order to enhance our credibility.

Aurora Blouse and Production: 

Our Aurora Blouse (shown below) is a cropped camisole made of 100% pure mulberry silk from Vietnam. The silk is sustainably sourced as it is deadstock and contributes to 0% in carbon emissions. By using deadstock, we also save 700 gallons of water per yard of fabric used. The manufacturer we’re using is in Brooklyn, New York, and is able to mass-produce our product which will be very beneficial as we continue to scale larger. The manufacturing process is 100% sustainable, all clothing is sewn by hand under great working conditions. We’ve recently received our first batch of the Aurora Blouse with is now offered in four different colors: infinitely green, black, cream, and sun-kissed gold, which are ready for orders.


Marketing and Social Media 

We’ve taken classes from other mentors who have experience in marketing and established a plan of how to reach our target audience. We have created an Instagram account and website for our business. However, we felt that there was more that we can do to enhance our media presence and have partnered with Wesleyan Consulting Pathways to learn of more ways that we can reach our target audience. We also designed our packaging to match the mission of Infinitely by providing sustainable packaging materials that also include a free gift of keychains. We are also in the process of recording videos and reels to establish our credibility and appeal to our audience. 

How to Support Us 

Follow our social media on Instagram @infinitely.co, and our website https://infinitelyco.com/. Please share any of our posts with friends and family and don’t forget to place your pre-order!