Center for the Study of Public Life

Ebola: Understanding the Public Health Response (10/23)

Wesleyan World Wednesdays, the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life, and Academic Affairs present a panel discussion with Wesleyan alum and CT State Epidemiologist Dr. Matthew Cartter,  Prof. Anna Geltzer and Prof. David Constantine, on the public health response to Ebola.

Commemorate Freedom Summer 1964

In the summer of 1964, over 1,000 volunteers from across the United States – many of them college students – traveled to the Deep South as a part of Freedom Summer, or the Mississippi Summer Project, to assist local civil rights workers in getting black Mississippians to the voting polls. Despite intimidation and violence from the…

CSPL210: Money and Social Change (Fall 2014)

Have you ever felt like you could make real social change happen if you just had enough money to give? Leveraging funds for social and environmental good, it turns out, is far more complex than throwing money at problems. In a unique course being taught this fall by Criterion Institute president Joy Anderson, students will learn…